A Hammer With Heart

Mar 19, 2020

Meet John Powers of cloverNINE green building, LLC.

The anticipated stress of home improvement is enough to keep most people dreaming about their perfect project instead of actually creating it. Just hiring the right contractor can be daunting enough, nevermind all the decisions that need to be made throughout the process. While it might feel like a home renovation is a surefire ticket to divorce court, hiring the right expert can make a huge difference, especially if they bring a whole lot of expertise and a little bit of zen to the table.

John Powers is that kind of guy. As the owner cloverNINE green building, LLC, John is focused on keeping families happy while bringing trust, integrity, and straight up joy to the home remodeling process. We had a little chat with John about his business, what he loves about being in West Hartford’s  Design District, and why he’s all about heart when it comes to the home.


John, let’s start with the name of your business. What is “green building” all about?

At cloverNINE, we focus on sustaining, preserving, and maintaining a home while providing a service and product that will last for decades. We build for quality in addition to reducing embodied energy and the carbon footprint, which lessens our impact on the environment. Our strength is combining our building science expertise with our construction skills to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution that makes a home or workspace safe, comfortable and energy-efficient.


What trends do you see happening in the home remodeling industry now?

A new trend for me would be hempcrete – an industrial-grade, green alternative to concrete. I have a two-year-long project where we are using hempcrete in a 4,000 sq. ft. home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The use of hempcrete in construction is essentially a negative carbon footprint which reduces the large carbon footprint that building a home leaves on the environment.


What projects do you get the greatest fulfillment out of?

My greatest fulfillment comes from salvaging and saving materials and resources and extending their lifetime. I love being able to repurpose something and give it a new life.


Who is your favorite type of client to work with?

I really enjoy working with people who are genuine and want to make improvements that give them a better quality of life for themselves and their families. The best clients are conscious of their impact. They are compassionate, thoughtful, and are ready and willing to think outside the box.


Tell me about your experience as a member of the Design District.

I have been a member of the Design District for four years and was the President last year. In the Design District, you are always surrounded by great people who are really good at what they do. The group cares about the community as a whole, their energy and efforts are about getting together as a neighborhood. As those neighborhood connections are made, you are able to boost your business, share referrals, and be certain you are surrounded by business owners who, with combined centuries of expertise, are more than just good at what they do.


What is the best part about being a member of the Design District?

The best part about being in the Design District for me is the connections with active members. I am constantly buying from and recommending businesses such as Barrieau Oil, Bartlett Brainard Products, Coastal Tools, and the Granite Group. These are businesses that I know I can trust and fully recommend. It’s great to be part of a community of small business owners who are building their own companies while supporting each other and our greater West Hartford community as a whole.


cloverNINE green building, LLC specializes in cost-effective, energy-efficient, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, exterior improvements, carpentry, flooring and more. Learn more about John and cloverNINE at https://cloverninegb.wixsite.com/john.