Design District Awarded Economic Driver of the Year by West Hartford Chamber of Commerce

Jun 15, 2020

The Design District is thrilled to announce that it has been recognized as Economic Driver of the Year 2020 by the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce. The award is given to a person, business, or organization which has made a positive impact on the local economy in areas such as business development, job creation, and beautification.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled and honored with this award,” said Design District President Dave Chmielewski. “The Design District was started 15 years ago by a group of independent business owners who saw potential in a forgotten corner West Hartford. They banded together within their industry of remodeling and design to create a destination for Connecticut homeowners. We really want to thank those founding members. Without them, we would not be here today.”

“Now, as the Design District begins to take on new life and attract small business owners from all industries, we have a new opportunity to create a different kind of destination. We are excited to continue to market and promote the area as a great place to come and spend the day shopping, drinking, dining and exploring, and we welcome all new business owners who have recently settled in or are looking for space in the design district to join us in our mission to become the greater Hartford area’s best-kept secret.”
Thank you to the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce for this recognition and the hard work that they do as a business community champion in West Hartford.