Design District Launches “Ask An Expert” Tool for Home Improvement Help

Jul 14, 2020

The Design District is proud to launch its new platform, “Ask an Expert We Ha”, a Facebook group designed to give home renovators access to local recommendations and find answers to their remodeling questions from real experts right here in West Hartford. 

The group includes seasoned professionals in the areas of engineering, exterior remodeling, carpentry, interior design, bathroom and kitchen renovation, tile, flooring, home security, tools, HVAC, and moving and relocation services. For the rest of the summer, local residents can join the group to get one-on-one advice or discuss projects with local experts. With more and more people using their vacation savings to make improvements to their homes, the Design District decided to launch the initiative to help people make their renovation dreams a reality. 

“The Design District has a strong group of local business owners who have been working in home design and remodeling for decades,” said Design District President Dave Chmielewski. “As we continued to see more and more homeowners looking for recommendations through various town and neighborhood Facebook groups, it became clear that we could offer a service that gives people the answers their questions and connect them to the best home improvement professionals in the business.”

The “Ask an Expert We Ha” Facebook group is being run free of charge for the summer and will revert to a small $5 per month subscription fee starting in the fall. Members will enjoy unlimited access to the Facebook group including virtual workshops, receive a preferred vendor list with local, home remodeling and design professionals, enjoy exclusive discounts from Design District members, and receive monthly email newsletters with projects, inspiration, ideas, and how-to’s from local homes that have recently been transformed.

“COVID-19 has seriously affected our residents and local business community, which is why we need to band together to support one another and our local economy,” said Chmielewski. “The Design District recognizes that we have a wealth of knowledge and we are excited to share our expertise with local residents who are motivated to make changes in their home. We also hope that this platform will encourage people to consider utilizing local, independent professionals for their home improvement needs.”

To find out more about the “Ask an Expert We Ha” Facebook Group and our Design District VIP Program, visit