The Personal Oasis Reimagined

Jul 1, 2020

Introducing Steve and Judy Vendetta Owners of CT Shower & Bath

Every room has something that draws your attention. That includes the bathroom. As you enter, what do you first notice? The toilet? The shower? Or maybe, the uneven tile installation that you had no time or money to fix? When you finish a renovation you don’t want to be left with regrets or imperfections. You want to love every aspect and feel like you made a great investment. 

It’s the craftsmanship and attention to detail that have built such a strong rapport for Steve and Judy Vendetta, owners of CT Shower & Bath and Captivating Kitchens. The “A-Team” hones in on the unique client’s wants, needs, and wishes to make bath and kitchen dreams come true and leave every project a great success. 

We sat down with Steve to learn what sets CT Shower and Bath apart from the competition, his tips for homeowners ready to dive into a renovation, and his favorite aspects of design in the two most used rooms of a home. 

Can you give us some insight into CT Shower & Bath?

We opened in 1992, making this our 28th year in business. We started out simple, just selling and installing shower doors and glass enclosures. We then grew to sell other bathroom products like vanities, faucets, and hardware. About seven or eight years ago, we began to see a great demand for full remodeling services and decided to explore that sector as well, producing beautiful spaces from start to finish. 

Four years ago, we dove headfirst into kitchen design as well as baths. After having mastered the bathroom remodel scene, we decided to start a full service kitchen remodel firm as well, Captivating Kitchens by CT Shower & Bath. Being able to see a project through the entire process gives us the chance to be very creative, stay up to date with the latest design trends, and provide services with as much value as possible. 

How do you differentiate from others in the field?

What differentiates us the most is our work with glass shower enclosures. We started out 28 years ago selling and installing glass enclosures and it has truly remained a great specialty of ours. We take pride in designing unique custom showers that truly make the entire room.

Both Judy and I have project management backgrounds so we know how to move things along in sequence which is a great benefit to efficiently run each renovation project. 

We also prioritize making strong, dedicated connections with each of our projects very. From the first phone call to visiting the finished remodel and everything in between, we are there each step of the way. We keep our holistic view of value in mind and we design the ultimate kitchen or bath while staying within the confines of a budget.

What is the first thing homeowners should do before starting a renovation project?

I always advise homeowners who are starting a renovation to first establish a true wish list before anything else. Ask yourself, “What am I looking for in a new bath or kitchen?” or  “What am I not looking for?” It’s easy to get caught up in price and miss out on something that might be eye-opening. With all the research and design ideas that are out there today, it can be very overwhelming. To combat this, organize your thoughts, desires, and needs first and then let the experts work on the details. It’s our job to make your dreams come true while working within a budget, and we are great at it. We work out an overly detailed proposal to track where each dollar is going, making it a breeze for any changes or alterations. 

What is your favorite aspect of a bathroom or kitchen?

My favorite aspect of a bathroom renovation is hands down the glass. Glass showers can be such a prominent feature in a bathroom. I pride myself on certain things and creating functionality and wow factor with glass enclosures tops the list. 

My favorite aspect of a kitchen renovation is designing the layout. If the flow and layout are correct, you will feel great about operating in the space. This is one of the most important details to get right during the remodel. Understanding what the client needs is crucial to designing the best layout. Different lifestyles play a role in the design, whether there are two chefs in the family or kids who like to work on homework in the kitchen, there are little aspects that can be personalized to accommodate the specific client. 

What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Design District?

What I enjoy most about the Association and being a member is the collaboration. I love that once a month we get together and talk about our own little world. We are a group of people who share very similar values, wanting to make the customers the priority, priding ourselves on quality work, and making the neighborhood a go-to place in the area. I also enjoy how much we are evolving as time goes on and as new industries venture into the District. The Design District is a great support system for small businesses and a booming area of West Hartford. 

CT Shower & Bath has been an expert in the field since 1992, providing quality services from design to installation. Learn more about CT Shower & Bath as well as Captivating Kitchens at